Empowering Women in India's Deep Tech Startup Landscape

India's thriving startup ecosystem has achieved global recognition, yet we acknowledge the need for greater gender diversity and inclusivity in this landscape.

At Accenture, we’re committed to empower women-led deep tech startups by addressing challenges like gender bias, limited funding, and a lack of mentorship and networking opportunities. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can foster a more inclusive and supportive environment.

It's time to nurture their talent and unlock a brighter and renewed future. Let's accelerate their progress and create a thriving ecosystem together!

"Celebrating International Women's Day with a pledge to foster innovation through startup collaboration at Accenture. We are dedicated to empowering women-led startups by providing mentorship, funding, and market access, propelling them towards the achievement of their entrepreneurial aspirations. Together, let's create an inclusive ecosystem where women founders thrive and shape the future of technology."

— Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation

"Our commitment to creating a culture where women can shine and reach their full potential is at the core of our success. Together, we can and will forge a world where women can unleash their full potential and thrive without limits"

— Ajay Vij, Country Managing Director, Accenture in India

Fueling Ascent

Accenture Women Founders Program is committed to empowering women tech startup founders and entrepreneurs, particularly focusing on advancing deep tech initiatives in India. This program serves as a catalyst for transformative change by providing invaluable mentorship and essential resources to nurture the growth and scalability of women founded tech startups.

As we kick off the 3rd edition of the Accenture Women Founders Program, we invite you to join us and become an essential part of a dynamic community of innovators who are positively impacting the world, one startup at a time!

"Accenture Women's Founder Program has been a huge driver for BHyve and also personally for me. The recognition is a huge boost for a founder's confidence, brings tremendous brand value in all conversations. More importantly, the immediate access to tech talent and leadership - for mentoring, coaching, direction, and support helps in bringing in those critical blocks you may not be able to afford as an early-stage startup. Programs like these are helping change the outcomes of several women-led startups in India and we're very lucky for it!"

— Ketaki Ogale, Co-founder Bhyve (Cohort 1))

"Participating in Accenture's Women Founders' Program was a remarkable experience for me. The program's unique approach fostered innovation and provided each founder with targeted industry mentorship - from valuable insights to practical guidance. I am particularly grateful to the team for their unwavering support. Their expertise and personalized advice continue to be crucial in helping my team & I navigate the interesting challenges of enterprise growth and in steering our company towards significant outcomes even today."

— Kausambi Manjita, Founder – Mason (Cohort 1)

"The entire team is highly motivated to make women founders succeed both in thought and in action. The best part of the program was the one-on-one mentorship we received from the leadership team to advance our business"

— Dr. Neha Satak, Co-Founder & CEO, Astrome Technologies (Cohort 2)

Check your Eligibility to Apply

Seize the opportunity to be part of the Accenture Women Founders Program. Check out our requirements below to know if you qualify.

To be eligible for the program, women entrepreneurs must be:

  • Founder / Co-Founder of Tech startups with HQ / Registered Office in India
  • Equal or majority shareholder as her co-founders (irrespective of investor share)

Your company must be:

  • An early to growth-stage B2B tech startup
  • Focused on any of the below areas:

Enterprise Tech

AI / Generative AI, Cloud Computing, Data & Analytics, Cyber security, DevOps & Automation, ERP, Intelligent Ops

B2B Tech

Industry X.0, Digital Supply Chain, Retail & Marketing Tech, Fintech, Energy tech, Media Tech, Health Tech & Pharma startups

Advanced Computing

Quantum, Edge, Neuromorphic, Bio Computing, Connected Solutions covering 5G, IT/ OT + Digital Twins, Advanced Robotics


Experience Building, Industrial Metaverse, NFTS & Digital Identities, Traceability, Trust

Space Tech

Space to Earth, Earth to Space, Space & Beyond

Science Tech

Material Science, Bio Innovation, In-silico science, Bio Intelligence, Alternative Food (Protein)

What’s in it for Startups?

The winners will join Accenture’s Open Innovation partner program & have access to tech expertise, global & Indian clientele, industry and investor communities and new markets
Guaranteed access to our partner investor network
Structured Workshops conducted by Accenture and external mentors
Potential candidature for Strategic Minority Investment by Accenture

Selection Process & Timeline

Applicants will be shortlisted and selected by Accenture Leadership on the basis of product differentiation, disruptability quotient, leveraging of deep technologies, commercial viability and founder profile.

March 8, 2024
Applications close on
April 21, 2024
July 2024